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There are two very important firsts in this strip: The Brawd and the Van Gil.

The Brawd (Broad) was a very serious typo that was caught by my editor at the time, but he let it through. We felt it really encapsulated how Hank talked as well as his attitude towards women. He’s not the type to be throwing around “bitchez” or “hoes”. He’s a little archaic and a little tongue in cheek, as he establish later, he doesn’t like manipulating women and only plays with those who are in the game. He’s not a manipulator or heartbreaker. He knows the Brawds and goes after them with gusto.

The Van Gil is when a gay man flirts with a straight man who he knows is straight specifically because he knows it makes him uncomfortable. It’s both a way for me to confront my own sexual insecurities and it’s totally something I would do if I was gay.

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