The Holiday Secret

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This was a little happy holiday strip. In which we have Betty learning about her roommate, and the fact that Hank is Jewish. I did this because I really feel felt like I needed to add a little bit more cultural variety to the strip, and I was really curious about Jewish religion and culture. This comes from growing up in “Marmot Valley” (Lumby, BC, Canada) where there really wasn’t a lot of variation in race or culture in the town. My introduction to the big city broadened my horizons and made me more curious about everyone around me. (eventually I would find out that there is actually some Jewish blood in my family, as well as British, Irish, Welsh, Romanian, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Croatian, Dutch, and a little something that is either Turkish or Roma).

We also have introduced our third member of the household, Beaker. But more on him later…

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