Working with the Best

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Here’s where my problems with Greg started.

When we started this little modeling strip, I was given a few hard rules that I had to live by, otherwise my strip would not be published. And rule one was I was not allowed to make fun of any of Greg’s models. Now, aside from the fact that my Ex was one of the main models, I felt really handcuffed not being able to make fun of whoever or whatever I wanted.

Also, I don’t like going meta. I even eventually changed my screen name to Mr Jitters to distance myself from the Ed in Ed’s R Us. Claud was a stab right at Greg, If I couldn’t make fun of models, I would make fun of photographers. Our old, over-weight gay dutch Claud Van Gil, like all of the character in Betty and the Beast was born out of spite and anger… and eventually evolved into a complex and sensitive man who occasionally steps in as a father (mother?) figure for Betty.

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